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Auctions are quick, definitive and complete. Auctions facilitate the immediate sale of assets in situations where time is of the essence and cash is a necessity. The competitive nature of public auctions provides the highest return on asset value - no item is left unsold. From initial strategic planning, marketing, auction day set-up and labor, to supervised and controlled equipment removal , ARA Liquidations & Auctioneers. manages every aspect.

Key to a Successful Auction

Tailored advertising programs are ARA's specialty. Utilizing all available advertising mediums, we maximize sales proceeds with:

Color pictorial brochures
Local and international newspaper ads
Industry trade journal ads
Industry Web sites
ARA Liquidation & Auctioneer Website
Online interactive bidding
Marketing your assets to our worldwide database of over 60,000 industrial buyers

When are Liquidations Conducted

Liquidations are conducted in situations where there are limited purchasers for specific assets or when too many of the same or similar assets are present. Our sales team will catalogue company assets, prepare marketing materials, set target selling prices on an itemized basis, and negotiate sales with buyers

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